Origami from Neptun's Realm

The picture shows the twelve models that you can fold with step-by-step folding instructions. The book has 64 pages, is fully colored and published by a famous german-swiss publishing house.


  • Butterfly Fish 
  • Common Starfish
  • Dahlia Anemone 
  • French Angel Fish
  • Freshwater Angelfish
  • Limpet 
  • Lionfish 
  • Nautilus
  • Opal Squid 
  • Seahorse 
  • Stingray 
  • Scallop

Jens-Helge Dahmen:
Origami aus Neptuns Reich.

Munich: Droemer-Knaur Verlag,
Feb. 2007, ISBN 978-3426643822

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                   folding instruction                                        folding instruction                                           folding instruction                                      folding instruction
                     (from Dropbox)                                             (from Dropbox)                                                (from Dropbox)                                           (from Dropbox)

            folding instruction                                                      folding instruction                        folding instruction                                        folding instruction
              (from Dropbox)                                                           (from Dropbox)                             (from Dropbox)                                             (from Dropbox)

                                                folding instruction
                                                  (from Dropbox)    

                                               folding instruction
                                                  (from Dropbox)    

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