Blossoms Magic with Origami

The picture shows the seven models that I developed for this book. The book has 72 pages, is fully colored and published by a famous german-swiss publishing house.


  • Clematis
  • Fuchsia
  • Hummingbird orchid
  • Lady's slipper
  • Dwarf orchid
  • Red anthuria
  • Rose 
  • Five traditional origami blossoms

Jens-Helge Dahmen: Blütenzauber mit Origami.
Munich: Droemer-Knaur Verlag,
Feb. 2008, ISBN 978-3426647318

Jens-Helge Dahmen: Origami - kwiaty z papieru.
Warszawa: Wydawnictwo RM,
marzec  2011, ISBN 978-8372439086
stycznia 2015, ISBN 978-8377734124
stycznia 2017, ISBN-13 978-8377737644

Йенс-Хельге Дамен: Волшебные цветы-оригами.
Клуб семейного досуга,
2012 г., ISBN 978-5-9910-1683-4

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